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What is Class-A Carbon fiber Racing Drift Seat

2016-06-30 17:03:53 Guangzhou Soyintech. Co.,ltd Read

As a part of car, seat is the most important but easiest to be ignored, most of people think that seat is only a tool for sit down, the more they do is to add a cushion, and put a mat on it. In fact, seat is more important than Suspension Spring, Exhaust System and Air Intake ect. which people more care in the comfort and safety of driving.

Auto racing seat leads THREE effects on driving:

1. Comfort

The fit between seat and body, the degree of the flex index.

Lateral support when turning

The support of waist, back and neck

The resonance and attenuation of automotive vibration

According to the percentile of height profile, it says human sacle is the height profile. In design of the car body, it uses the 5% of the human scale and 95% of the height profile, to prove 90% (between 5% and 95%)drivers and passengers can get the most adaptable dimension by themselves with the adjustable design of the seats when they are drivings.

Usually, the most comfortable angle interval our body can accept is like the Pic 1-1 shows:


                                             Pic 1-1

2. The Convenient of operation when driving

The design of the seat decide the reach of the driver’s activity in driving, and the reaction in urgent situation, bad design would cause to sitting stiff, aggravating driving fatigue, hindering emergency reaction. Sometimes, it would cause to big event during driving.

The space of the head, the minimum range of the front seat backrest angle should be 23-25 degree.

The distance between side face and the pedal.

Hand should keep 50mm to shift lever(think of the reach of the hand ), the key side, wheel and dashboard ect. The wheel should lower 6 degree of the field of your view, higher 85mm than your leg.

As the Pic 1-2 shows:


                   Pic 1-2

3.  The view of driver and passengers

Seat decide the view of driver, such as the angle of blind field, the space between front windshield and front mirror ect. A good car seat can help driver to avoid the danger from vision loss during driving.

Show as the Pic1-3



Because we know, we understand what is a good Racing seat. Trust us, and we can get double- win.

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